Queenstown Climbing Centre Construction Update

It has been a busy few weeks (months!) onsite at the new Queenstown Climbing Centre construction site.  Lots has been done to prepare the building for the upcoming installation of the Clip n’ Climb arena, Sport Climbing and Bouldering walls.  Not to mention getting the required ‘ticks’ from the engineers, council and fire department.  Let’s take a quick look at what the team have been up to.

We started with a blank canvas

And then dug a big hole in the floor!

We needed to strengthen the section of floor that will support the climbing walls. This involved cutting a section of the existing concrete floor and then digging down further.







Then we filled it in again!

Adding further strength with a length of reinforcing steel, we then filled the hole back in with concrete.









Now for the fun bit…

On a bit of a dreary day our steel structures arrived onsite.  The scissor-lifts were put to work and soon the supporting framework for the Sport, Bouldering and Clip n’ Climb walls was in place.









We’ve also been busy front of house

Creating our reception area and staff room.









And the climbing walls are going up!

Next up the teams from Clip n’ Climb International and Uprising Climbing Walls have begun the installation of the Clip n’ Climb arena and Sport Climbing and Bouldering walls.  The once empty unit is now filled with colourful Clip n’ Climb challenges and the exciting new Leap of Faith and Vertical Drop Slide have already been erected. Meanwhile the jigsaw puzzle of the sport and bouldering wall construction has begun.

Prefabricated sections of the Basecamp Adventures Queenstown Climbing centre sport climbing walls are ready to be erected

The sport wall jigsaw is ready to be pieced together

Clip n’ Climb challenges and the Vertical Drop Slide being erected











It’s super exciting to have the Queenstown Climbing Centre construction underway and to see more and more progress each day.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram stories for ongoing updates of the construction progress and opening date announcement!