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International Belayer Appreciation Week

International Belayer Appreciation Week is the brainchild of two of Wanaka’s up-and-coming young climbers.  They came up with the idea to celebrate those who are always there to ‘give us a catch’ – our belayers.  

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@international_belayer_week on Instagram

International Belayer Appreciation Week launched on Instagram earlier this month.  The week of 27 April – 5 May 2019 was chosen in order to catch the climbing season in both hemispheres.  The hope is that the idea will go viral and become a yearly celebration.  We caught up with the climbers behind the idea to find out more.

Who is behind International Belayer Appreciation Week?

We are Nat and Laura and we are based in Wanaka, New Zealand. We started climbing together 3 months ago.  Wanaka is a great place to climb indoors and out and we regularly climb at Basecamp Wanaka Climbing Centre and on the outdoor crags near to Wanaka.

Where did the idea come from?

When climbing one day, we had an idea that we all rely on our belayers in many ways but we hardly ever thank them properly. International Belayer Appreciation Week is for you to really thank them for what they do for you.

What do you hope the week will achieve?
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We would like the week to make your belayer feel they are appreciated and thanked for what they do.

What’s your definition of a good belayer?

A good belayer is for you to decide really. Everybody has their own definition of their favourite belayer, but everybody likes their belayer to be a friend that they can trust and suits their climbing style.

Who would be your dream belayer?

Our dream belayer would be a friend that has some experience belaying in different ways e.g. sport, trad, alpine and multi-pitch… and a person that would support you on your projects and has a positive attitude.


Thanks Nat and Laura – all the best with your project.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram and share your photos of your favourite belayer, tagging @international_belayer_week.