Queenstown After School Programme

Are your kids ready to learn all about how to become superstar rock climbers? Join our Queenstown After school Climbing Classes. 

Climbing is a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity – and with good reason. Rock climbing develops both your body and mind.

While you burn off steam in a cardio and strength building exercise, you’re also problem solving, learning resilience, bravery and trust, and becoming in tune with your body. 

Our afterschool climbing classes are designed to welcome your kids into the world of rock climbing in a safe and engaging way. As such they are divided up into 4 different levels so the kids can train with their peers at the same stage as them. 



Ages 6-9

$170 per term

Mondays 4-5pm 

This class introduces your little ones to the basic concepts of climbing while having heaps of fun on the wall.


Ages 9-16

$170 per term

Wed 4:00-5:00 OR Fri 4:00-5:00

Our Tui and Piwakawaka kids all train together. Piwakwaka students are being introduced to concepts of climbing and rope skills, as well as basic climbing techniques. They quickly become confident boulderers, learning how to control their falls and climb with style. 


Ages 10-16

$170 per term

Wed 4:00-5:00 OR Fri 4:00-5:00

Our Tui and Piwakawaka kids all train together. Tui students are building on their climbing and rope skills, including learning how to top rope belay safely and confidently. These students are focusing on developing good strong climbing techniques in both top rope and bouldering disciplines.


Ages 12+

$240 per term, or $350 for unlimited climbing + lessons

Tues and Thurs 3:30-5:00

Our Kea students are taking it to the next level, training more advanced techniques, and advanced rope skills such as lead climbing and belaying. Entry to this class is by invite or through an application and trial process.